A-American Repair Inc.

P.O. BOX 74
Brookfield, Il. 60513-0074
(708) 387-2474.
(708) F*U*R-B*I*S*H.

(708) 466-8602 BackUp Cell Phone Number.

Providing FREE ESTIMATES is one of A-American Repair's main company policies, on every service call it receives. Thus far, we are the ONLY Appliance repair company in this area that provides this UP-FRONT, FREE ESTIMATE, service. Give it a try yourself, call A-American Repair at (708) 387-2474 (708) F*U*R-B*I*S*H) with your appliance's make, model/serial number, approximate age (more or less than 10 years), and a detailed description of your appliance's problem(s). Our trained service technician will then provide you with an accurate TOTAL REPAIR PRICE quote, right on the phone!! Backed with 60+ years of experience, A-American Repair can diagnose and determine any appliance repair problem, site unseen. This isn't "Rocket Science" it's simply appliance repair.

A-American Repair DOES NOT, charge by the minute, 1/4 hour or hours like our competitors do. We quote TOTAL JOB REPAIR PRICES which include all PARTS, LABOR, and our low minimum trip charge of just $35 or $45. Your final repair cost will never exceed the TOTAL JOB PRICE quoted, no matter how long (many hours) or many trips the job takes to complete.

We feel this is the fairest way to do business Why should you have to pay a fee ($) to find out if your broken appliance is even worth repairing? With our UP-FRONT TOTAL REPAIR PRICE system, you can decide if your appliance repairs are too costly, before A-American's service technician walks through your door.

Our service areas include all or part of Cook & Du Page Counties within the following land-base phone area codes (708), (773), (630), (331), (847) & (224). If you reside within these boundaries, give A-American Repair Inc. a call today for your totally FREE REPAIR ESTIMATE.

A-American Repair Inc's., TOTAL 2000 - 2020 labor repair price average, was only $45.70 per call.

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