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Sunday, 02/21/99; 4:30 P.M.
Paul has left again (moved out) of the house, FOREVER???

NAME: Paul C. Gately
AGE:  19 going on 10

WORK: I need MORE JOBS BAD!!! I have to pay my Dad ($475),
Mom ($250), Car Insurance ($2000), pager ($25) & my 1st (only)
($75) speeding ticket, that was not my fault.  If I can just claim
myself as a dependent on my own personal 98' income taxes, I 
would have enough to pay all my debts off and go to college.
I think I'll just move to Florida and live in my car.  

Things I like to do: Cruise around in my new sports car with no
insurance, and work the midnight shift as a Security Guard at Com Ed.  
When I'm not here,  I am usually taking a vacation at my mom's 
Grandfathers house in Braidwood, Il. 

Here I am with my best friend, DAD, working on the big orange truck.

This is my EX-"babe" Dorothy.

You may E-Mail me at:

Have an F'en NICE DAY.