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Are you sick and tired of InterNet to no where? Does your (ISP) InterNet provider leave you hanging and waiting? Do you connect at less than 44,000 bps regularly? Are you NOT ready to spend $50 minimum monthly for DSL or Cable modems access? If your looking for a reliable clean InterNet provider at under $10 monthly, look no further. I have been on the InterNet in the Chicagoland area for 7+ years now. I have tested hundreds of local ISP's (Internet Service Providers) for quality, quick fast dependable, service and competitive, low monthly price structure. I have come to recommend only two ISP's at this time, that I believe met and/or exceed these standards.

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MegsiNet or CoreComm: This ISP was started and is still currently operated by a guy named Mike Henry. It was great 3+ years ago. They where than, the only local area ISP offering unlimited InterNet access for only,$9.95 a month. They still offer CHEAP, $9.95 monthly InterNet access, along with cheap UNRELIABLE service. Lately they have been experiencing that InterNet to NO WHERE phenomena. From day one, their support and billing practices rated a big ZERO. There where years when they forgot to bill me, an months where they OVER BILLED ME!!! DON'T EVER GIVE THEM A CREDIT CARD NUMBER to bill you on, you'll be sorry. Nobody seems to last, longer than 6 months, working for MegsiNet/CoreComm. So technical knowledge is a BIG MINUS. Don't expect any help from their technical staff! My wife knows more than anyone working their tech lines. If you have a billing problem or credit card billing problem, forget about it. It is simpler to just cancel the Credit Card, than have MegsiNet/CoreComm correct their billing mistakes.

AIS: This was my first InterNet provider, 7 years ago. They had a great $24.95 monthly start up package, which back than was cheap for InterNet access. Their system, service and billing departments where top notch. But unfortunately they got GREEDY, and didn't change with the times! When the cheaper, $14.95 and $9.95 ISP's started showing up, AIS increased their monthly fee structure, and decreased their provided services. I would really be surprised if this dinosaur was still in business today. If they are, I would stay away from them unless they offer some $9.95 a month InterNet package. The two ISP's listed above offer the same great services as AIS did for a fraction of their monthly access fee.

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