Emily Joelle Gately
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At 8 weeks old.
Definitely got it from her Mothers side, or the mail man??.

Emily first Daddy time....

Emily in Motion at 14 Weeks old


08/09/2000 - 10:15, Ann takes Amniocentesis test. Plan is to deliver our baby tomorrow night.
08/09/2000 - Rest of day, We pack our bags and get ready for the call to go to the hospital to induce labor. At 19:37 the Doctor FINALLY CALLS with the Amniocentesis test results. It came back NO! Baby Emily's lungs are still too immature. Possibly another week or two, Ahhhhhhh oh so close.
08/16/00 - 10:09, Ann takes another (2nd) Amniocentesis test. Plan again is to deliver the baby tomorrow.
08/16/2000 - Rest of day, We get our already packed bags ready again for the call to go to the hospital to induce labor, which NEVER CAME!!! At 21:25 Ann calls the hospital to see what's UP? Hospital say Amniocentesis test came back positive, YES, and our (Lady) Doctor has been waiting around for an hour+ for us (finally, pay back). We rush off to the hospital, and arrive around 22:00 to an irriated (all she had to do was call us), sleepy doctor.
08/18/00 07:46 A.M.... 33 hours and 46 Minutes after inducing labor, our little girl Emily Joelle Gately is born (see picture(s) below). Oh how Ann loved that round, anesthesiologist guy.

"Excuess me, Excuess me, will someone please let me out of here!!!"

10 weeks.
By the 10 week old picture above, our doctor was able to absolutely predict that their is a 50% chance we could be having a Girl or Boy baby. She also informed us that there was a .50% error margin.

What should we tell the grand parents?? What if our doctor is wrong??? What if we paint the nursery the wrong color. AHHHHHHHHHHhhhh... Decisions decisions, life is so complex.

20 weeks.
By the 20 week old picture above, the "soft spoken" U-Sound doctor, guaranteed us 99% that we are having a little girl. Now we can go buy some PINK paint, for the nursery.

32 weeks.
They (the U-Sound experts) say this is a picture of Emily's face. I don't see it.

37 weeks.
Getting pretty crowded in their. Here is another, closer up, pre birth picture of our daughter Emily's face (so they say). Is that a mole on her nose??

42.8 weeks, 5.13 MINUTES OLD.
August 18th, 07:46 A.M.
Emily Joelle Gately, has finally come.
What did the doctor & delivery nurses just say, something about all that "hair!!!"

Emily 14 Weeks old; all smiles.

Emily's 1st. Bath. "NOT"!

Emily 1 Year old.

Emily 2 Years old.

Emily 3 Years old.

Emily 4 Years old.

Emily 5 Years old.

Emily 6 Years old.

Emily 7 Years old.

Emily 8 Years old.

Emily 9 Years old.

Emily's 10 Year old "BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!".

Emily 11 Years old.

Emily 12 Years old.

Emily 13 Years old.

Emily 14 Years old.

Emily 15 Years old.

Emily SWEET 16 Year old Birthday.

Emily 17 Years old.

Emily 18 Years old.

Emily the Adult @ 19 Years old.

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