A.C.L.R.'s OFFICIAL 1997 Electronic BALLOT;

Electronic Voting Poll and Candidate sound off page.

A.C.L.R.'s 1997 election is over! We defeated the WICKED MONSTERS OF-THE-AIR-WAVES! Page Down below to check out who WON
and by how much as we tallied up the results.

If you wish to participate in our fully automated electronic poll, please enter your Call Sign or Name in the box below. We must have a NAME or CALL in order for your electronic poll vote, to be counted. All names and calls will remain confidential. The polls results will be automatically compiled and the candidates totals updated daily just to the right of there names in the box.
Choose ONLY ONE PERSON for each board position. Mark your choice by placing an X in the box next to there name and picture. <>


ELECTRONIC POLL RESULTS APPEAR IN THE<> BOXES BELOW. <> Mr. Butt Head K9BUTT <> <> Mr. Joe MikalajunASS KD9FA <> <> Ms. Selena Miranda KA9UGH <> <> Mr. Donald Duck K9DUCK <>


<> Mr. Bevis K9HEHE <> <> Mr. Raul Miranda KA9DSL <> <> Mr. Terry Garrett KB9JZY <> <> Mr. Popeye Sailor K9SAIL <>


<> Ms. Betty Boop K9BOOB <> <> Mr. Bruce Greinke N9IUL <> <> Ms. Deanna Clark N9PBS <> <> Mr. Fred Flinstone N9ROCK <>


<> Mr. Bad Ass K9BASS <> <> Mr. Chris Clark KC9ZI <> <> Mr. Tim Marden N9IJA <> <> Mr. Elmer Fudd KB9OLDR <>
Any write in candidates will appear between these brackets. <President; no write-ins at this time.> <Vice President; no write-ins at this time.> <Secretary; no write-ins at this time.> <Treasure; no write-ins at this time.> Write in candidate Write-ins full name and Call Sign if applicable

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The Candidates Speak


Mr. Butt Head K9BUTT
If I become your president, everyone will get a dues refund and you can, Kur-Chunk the re-Peter anytime you want. Hee hee hee hee I mean Hi hi hi...

Mr. Joe MikalajunASS KD9FA
If you don't re-elect me as president again, I will take away ALL your repeaters and A.C.L.R. will be RePeter-less. Remember Raul, KA9DSL, and I, are the ONLY ONES that know the MASTER REPEATER CODES!! If you make us angry, we will turn off your repeaters. We have the power to CONTROL the repeaters, and you don't! Hi hi.... Also, stop picking on my wife Val, N9JYA .

Ms. Selena Miranda KA9UGH
If you elect me as president, I will put things back to the way-they-were when I was president long ago. Everyone will be happy and get along great. We will have a Sunday night NET again, and do fun things together; like our Thursday night Ham-Bones get togethers and our great social functions. Please elect me as your president again, I won't let you down. By the way, I am also married to Raul, KA9DSL, Joe's ONLY BUDDY, and the only other person with ULTIMATE CONTROL OVER YOUR REPEATERS. You see, ACLR's main repeater components are located at my apartment. If these are not good enough reasons to vote me in, I don't know what is! Thank you for your support.

Mr. Donald Duck K9DUCK
Let me see, since the begining of Joe, KD9FA's, 1996 ACLR elected board term, we went from 132 paying ACLR members down to 32. 100% of our clubs repeaters were up, now we have MORE ACLR repeaters OFF-THE-AIR, THAN ON. We are operating at, let's say -- 30% if even that; no 440Mhz., 220Mhz., 6-meters, 10-meters and 2-meters seems to be OFF more than it's on. Our club's treasury is dwindling down to nothing, and with ONLY 32 PAYING MEMBERS to support it, with just our fixed monthly recurring debts alone; the ACLR's club's treasury will be ZERO, in a matter of a few months. The Club's HotLine, our only interface to new members, has been playing the same May 5th, Field Day message for the last 8 months. Who knows if any one even checks the messages to send out new member info. packets, I doubt it! Now I know Joe, KD9FA, has a bunch of excuses; some of them might even be interesting to listen to. But the facts remain the same. We elected JOE, KD9FA, and his WIENER BOARD to do a job, run the ACLR club for a year, and they did a LOUSY job if-even-that. Joe, KD9FA, and his elected board cronies MESSED UP BIG TIME!!! Now I know I am only a Duck, but if elected President of ACLR; I can do a 10 times better job than the 1996 JOE, KD9FA, ADMINISTRATION WITHOUT-EVEN-TRYING! Vote for me, you have nothing to loose!


Mr. Bevis K9HEHE
Elect me and Butt Head or else, NO FUN or REFUND!!. Butt Head said re Peter HA Ha ha ahh......

Mr. Raul Miranda KA9DSL
Joe, KD9FA, and I started ACLR before any of you were members. We put the first repeater together on my kitchen table. Actually, when I think about it, the repeater today only sits a few feet away from my kitchen table. Joe is a real nice, compASSionate person. But if you don't do things his way; I'm afraid I will have to side with him, after all he's my ONLY BUDDY. So vote us both in or ELSE, NO MORE REPEATERS! Remember we have the ULTIMATE CONTROL TO HOLD ACLR's FAMILY-OF-REPEATER'S HOSTAGE; WE KNOW THE CODE! Thank you for your support, and have a nice day.

Mr. Terry Garrett KB9JZY
No speech received yet.

Mr. Popeye Sailor K9SAIL
Let's look at the present condition of the A.C.L.R. club. We have more repeaters off-the-air, than on. Our supporting general membership is at a whopping 32 people, THE LOWEST IN ACLR's HISTORY! Our treasury is dwindling down to nothing, ($0.00), and with only 32 paying members to build up our reserve balance; our recurring debts clearly out weigh our income. In other words, WE HAVE A SERIOUS CASH FLOW PROBLEM PEOPLE! When the KD9FA elected board took over on January 1st, 1996, we had 132+ members! Where did these 100 members go? Did they all move out of town, to New York? Did they all decide to give up on ham radio and the ACLR club? Why did 100 people leave ACLR for good? Well I don't have all the answers, but I do know one thing. Elect me as Vice President, and I certainly could not do any worse than the KD9FA run board did; and you can take that to the bank. Thank you, we need your support.

For Secretary

Ms. Betty Boop K9BOOB
Hi all you hunks out there. Elect me as your clubs sexretary, and I will always stay on top of things. Thanks honey buns, see you later...

Mr. Bruce Greinke N9IUL
Please, please, please elect me as your club's secretary; or I WILL KILL-MY-SELF! Thank You.

Ms. Deanna Clark N9PBS
I just had a baby, so you better reelect me. The only thing that I did wrong was forget where I put those darn codes for accessing the ACLR club's hotline. I know they're around here somewhere, maybe under those diapers. see ya.

Mr. Fred Flinstone N9ROCK
Yabba Dabba Dooooooooooooooooooooooooesessss 73essss...

For Treasure

Mr. Bad Ass K9BASS
Vote for me or ELSE, I WILL KILL THE REPEATERS!!! I won't hold them hostage, or play childish, baby games, like those other two wienies do by CONTROLLING THEM OFF the air for a while. I won't try to intimidate you with empty threats of taking your repeaters away from you. I will just kill them and maybe you too. So you better vote for me or face the consequences. Thanks and have a F'en nice day.

Mr. Chris Clark KC9ZI
Hi my name is Chris, my wife Deanna, N9PBS, (see above Secretary column) just had a baby. Please vote for me. Although the treasury is quickly diminishing, I assure you it has nothing to do with the way I balance the books. Thanks.

Mr. Tim Marden N9IJA
Still waiting for Tim's picture and for him to complete his speech.

Mr. Elmer Fudd KB9OLDR
Let's look at da present condition of da club's treasury and analyze why it is so da-pleted. Looking over our most recent club roster, I have come to da conclusion that we have a total of 32 paying members tops. This is, DA LOWEST AMOUNT OF MEMBERS IN ACLR's HISTORY! Our treasury will dwindling down to nothing, just paying our monthly recurring debts in a matter of a few months. In other words, WE HAVE A SERIOUS CASH FLOW PROBLEM MEMBERS. When Joe, KD9FA and the present elected board took over on January 1st, 1996, we had 132+ members; more dan enough to handle the club's fixed monthly expenses and then some. Why did these 100+ members all of a sudden decide to QUIT THE CLUB?? Where did they all go off to. Did they all move to New York or something? Did they all decide to get into other things; all 100 of them, all at once! I DON'T THINK SO! I believe that da current board is at fault for da disappearance of da majority, if not all of these members. How could the board just sit by and let this happen! Do they want the ACLR club to fold? Maybe! Wouldn't it be nice to have someone else buy your ham radio equipment for you, and then you systematically chase them all away. Fact or fiction, you be da judge. Where have all our members gone, and why? Well I don't have all the answers, but I do know one thing. We need to make sure that the current KD9FA, board is VOTED OUT, and a brand new board voted in. Nobody can do worse than ACLR's past President, Joe, KD9FA, and his elected 1996 BOARD OF DOOM. Now that the ACLR's club treasury is dwindling down to nothing, Joe, KD9FA, and his board of doom can't get their fat fingers in it anymore with their bogus expenses. So what does Joe, KD9FA, come up with; the $650.00 KD9FA 2-Meter controller fund. Now get this, Joe, KD9FA, wants all the 32, ACLR members left to reach deep into their own pockets to buy Raul, KA9DSL, and him a new 2-meter repeater controller to replace ACLR's one, that was DESTROYED BY DA, LIGHT-ING GOD IN MAY'96!! So let's all get together and buy Joe and Raul a new toy for them to control, and us to ask permission to use. I think not, fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me! I SAY VOTE THE MONSTERS OUT and DA GOOD GUYS IN. END APARTHEID NOW!! Thank you, we need your support; you really have nothing to loose.


* Denotes Winner
*Selena Miranda KA9UGH 12
 Gregory Gately KA9OYO  5 (more than Joey, KD9FA, and not even a member?)
 Joe MikalajunASS KD9FA  3
*Terry Garrett KB9JZY  Won by default.   
 Raul Miranda KA9DSL   QUIT under pressure. 
*Bruce Greinke N9IUL   Won by default, Not by Vote numbers!
 Deanna Clark N9PBS    RESIGNED
*Tim Marden N9IJA      11
 Chris Clark KC9ZI      7    
 Donald Duck K9DUCK     1   

Our thanks to A.C.L.R.'s general membership for finally voting their conscious, and not letting Joe MikalajunASS, KD9FA, intimidate us with his empty threats of taking away our repeaters. Like where is he going to go with them? He would be a bigger IDIOT, than he already is, to abandon A.C.L.R's pairs in the Chicagoland area. Someone would gobble them up in an instance. We would also like to thank Valeri MikalajunASS, N9JYA, for single-handedly counting the ballots, all by herself, with NO SUPERVISION. Even though she did it against the club's Bi-Laws, which specifically states that the nominating committee must consists of more than one indivdual. Who knows, maybe Casey, Joe and her baby, supervised Hi Hi.