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List of Ham Radio related links.

This unoffial-list was made for all the hams on the internet.
This list should be close to ABCD... order thanks to Gregory, K9OY!
If the link looks LARGER in size, than it's a local area Amateur (HAM) radio club.

  1. ACLR'S HOME PAGE!; Amateur Cross Link Repeater Club.
  2. A.C.L.R.'s club pages links page.
  3.; The cheapest most reliable place to surf the InterNet through!
  4. Absolute Value Sys.; ATV equipment. or
  5. ACE Communications; Scanners and receivers.
  6. Advanced Battery Systems Inc. (Periphex); NiCad Batteries.
  7. Advanced Educational Systems; Programming Aids.
  8. Aegis Research; Miniature TV Transmitters.
  9. ALINCO Radio Corp.
  10. All Electronics Corp.; Surplus Electronic Parts.
  11. Alltronics; Surplus Electronic Parts.
  12. Allison Technology Corporation
  13. Apple Computer Co.
  14. Amateur Electronic Supply (A.E.S.); Amateur Radio store/dealer.
  15. AmSoft; Ham radio software. or
  16. Amateur Radio Toy Store. Wheaton, Il.
  17. Amateur Radio Webring.
  18. Amaze Electronics; Multi-scope & Prototype adapters.
  19. Antennas West, Antennas & Accessories.
  20. AntennasX ONLINE magazine!
  21. Antique Radio Classified.
  22. AOR LTD; Scanners and Receivers.
  23. A.R.R.L.; Amateur Radio Relay League.
  24. The ARRL's, BIG hamfest calendar
  25. AT&T; American Telephone & Telegraph Corp.
  26. Belden; Coaxial Cable & Wire.
  27. Buckmaster; Ham radio call sign software. or
  28. Call Sign Look Up, via Telnet!
  29. C.F.M.C., Chicago FM Club's home page.
  30. Chassis Kits & Custom Enclosures.
  31. Circuit Specialists Inc.; PCB Aids.
  32. Computer Automation Technology.
  33. Comet Antenna Co.
  34. Computer & Monitor Maintenance.
  35. Communications Specialists Inc. (CTCSS & DCS (DPL)) Bds.
  36. Connect Systems, Telephone Interconnects & Repeater Controllers.
  37. Conway Engineering; custom telecommunications products.
  38. CUSHCRAFT; HF, VHF/UHF Base and Mobile Antennas.
  39. Dayton HamVention!
  40. DEC; Digital Equipment Corporation.
  41. Dell Computer company.
  42. Delta X-Ray Antennas.
  43. Denver Amateur Radio Supply.
  44. Diamond Antennas.
  45. Down East Microwave; ATV and microwave antennas.
  46. Eimac; CPI's Eimac Vacuum Tubes, Division.
  47. Elenco; Electronic PC Board kits.
  48. The Amateur Radio Resource Elmers Directory.
  49. Farallon Communications; Computer OnLine products.
  50. FAR Circuits; PC Boards from popular magazine articles.
  51. FBOM Magazine Online!.
  52. The Federal Communications Commission.
  53. Firestik Antenna Co. or
  54. GAP Antenna Products.
  55. General Device Instruments; E-Prom programers.
  56. Gernsback Publications; Electronics Now & Popular Electronics.
  57. Gilfer Shortwave; Radio dealer/store.
  58. Glen Martin Engineering; Towers and Tripods.
  59. HAL Communications Corp.; HF radio data communications products.
  60. HamTronics. Cheap link receivers and misc Amateur radio repeater accessories.
  61. Ham Radio
  62. Ham Radio Outlet; Amateur radio store/dealer.
  63. The Ham Station!
  64. The Hamtrader - Home Of The FREE Radio & Electronics Classifieds.
  65. Heliax; Andrew Corporation Heliax Cable.
  66. Hewlett Packard Corp.
  67. High Sierra; DK3 Mobile Antennas.
  68. Howard Electronic Instruments Inc.; PCB Aids.
  69. IBM computer Corp.
  70. ICOM America Radio Corp.
  71. Information Unlimited; Scientific info.
  72. Intel Corp.; IC chips.
  73. Ivex Design International; PCB Software.
  74. Jun's Electronics Store.
  75. KaGold; Multimode TNC Software.
  76. KANTRONICS; Packet TNC's and software.
  77. KB6KQ Loop Antennas page.
  78. KENWOOD Radio Corp. or FTP Kenwood corp.
  79. KIWA Elect.; Pre-amps & filters. or
  80. License Plaques, for the ham shack.
  81. M2L Electronics; Eprom Programmers.
  82. M.F.J. Radio equipment corp.
  83. Mendelson Elect.; Surplus Electronic Parts.---[]12/16/96
  84. Mental Automation; PCB Software.
  85. Meredith Laser Instruments.
  86. Michigan Radio Store.
  87. Microsoft Corp.
  88. Mom 'N' Pop's Software, Large selection of HAM items, CD Roms & +1000 Ham shareware programs.
  89. Motorola Radio Corp.
  90. Motron; tone decoders, remote control & telemetry.
  91. Mouser Electronics; Discreets, IC's and Accessories.
  92. National Semiconductor Corporation
  93. NEC Computer Corp.
  94. Nemal Electronics; Coaxial Cable & Connectors.
  95. NovaTech Instrument Co. or
  96. Novell Inc.; Lan software.
  97. Nuts & Volts Magazine.
  98. Optoelectronics; Scanner Accessories & counters.
  99. PACCOMM Packet Radio Sys.
  100. Peet Brothers; weather stations.
  101. Popular Comm. Magazine.
  102. QRZ Ham Radio; Callsign CD-ROMS.
  103. QRZ's Call Sign Look Up AREA.
  104. R.A.I.N. The Radio Amateur Information Network's home page.
  105. RING Trading Station buy New & Used equipment on the net.
  106. RF PARTS Company, TX/RX transistors and modules.
  107. R & L Electronics Ham radio store.
  108. ROHN Towers, Shelters, Building Systems, Manufacturing Distributing.
  109. Ross Distributing, Amateur Radio store/dealer.
  110. Rotor motor parts & repair.
  111. Rotor Service and parts Norm's.
  112. R. T. Systems, Amateur Radio store/dealer.
  113. Scan911??.---[]12/16/96
  114. The Schaumburg (IL) Amateur Radio Club's (S.A.R.C.) home page.
  115. SCO; Unix software development.
  116. SGC World Class Radio Transceviers.
  117. SHOC; Radio Manager radio control software.
  118. Silicon Graphics Corp.; pc software.
  119. Six Meter Club of Chicago's home page.
  120. Solder-It; soldering aids.
  121. Spyglass; InterNet connectivity products.
  122. Sun Microsystems; InterNet software development (JAVA).
  123. Svetlana inc.; Quality built vacuum tubes.
  124. TC Instruments Inc.
  125. Techniks Inc.; Press N Peel transfer film, PCB Aids.
  126. Technological Arts; Breadboarding PCB Aids.Telulex Inc.; DDS Signal Generators.
  127. Tektronics; Scopes & test equipment.
  128. Texas Towers; Ham radio equipment.
  129. Tigertronics; Communications Products.
  130. The Radio Place; Amateur radio store/dealer.
  131. Tucker Radio store/dealer.
  132. Universal Radio; shortwave radio store/dealer.
  133. U.S. Naval Observatory Master Clock.
  134. The Wheaton Community Radio Amateurs (W.C.R.A.) home page.
  135. Weird Stuff Warehouse; Surplus Electronic Parts & Software.
  136. YAESU & VERTEX USA Radio Corp.

    I hope that this list will help many of you out there in the ham world.
    This list is still growing!
    If you like to add something to the list then E-MAIL us.

    Last Update: July 03rd, 2000

    Our Thanks to Brian, N9LVC for compiling this unofficial list, & Gregory, K9OY for
    trying to keep it in alphabetical, ABC, order and general maintenance.
    73'esessss from Gregory K9OY.