A.C.L.R.'s general September '96 meeting.

"mini minutes"

Meeting called to order at: 7:30 P.M. Members present including board and babies: 8. Treasure's Report: $ N/A balance, Treasure did not have books? Technical Report: N/A, The technical staff did not show up. Old Business: No business discussed due to NO QUORUM present. New Business:Up coming election rules and nomination eligibility where discussed. The November 9th meeting will be the nominations meeting. YOU MUST SHOW UP TO BE NOMINATED FOR AN OFFICE!!! In order to entice more members to show up at the next meeting, Joe, KD9FA, suggested giving away a partial years A.C.L.R. membership. Any current member who is present at the November nomination meeting, is eligible to win, Good Luck. Also it was voted on? that A.C.L.R. will provide the Soda, ice and BEER for the December 21st. Election/Christmas party. The next A.C.L.R. meeting will be: November 9th., at 7:30 P.M. at the Bellwood ESDA center, 2726 St. Charles Rd. Bellwood, Il. This will be the Nominations meeting. YOU MUST BE PRESENT, unless your name is Tim, to be NOMINATED. Meeting adjourn at: 8:33 P.M.

Here are some pictures from the meeting

Sorry maybe a person will take a some pictures at the next meeting.