A.C.L.R.'s general MAY '96 meeting.

"mini minutes"

Meeting called to order at: 7:41 P.M. Members present including board and babies: 18. Treasure's Report: $918.38 Balance. Technical Report: Need home for 220 Mhz.; New receiver for 6-Meters; Little noisy on 1.2Ghz.; 2-Meters running on 4 receive sites. New TOP SECRET CONTROL codes take effect June 1st. at 12:00 A.M. Old Business: Field Day, June 21st. - 23rd, Illini State park in Marseilles; Selena, KA9UGH, considering running Sunday night repeater net; Gregory, KA9OYO, did a most excellent job producing the newsletter, will check into bulk mailing to save cash. Next years bowling banquet, 02/15/97. New Business: ACLR's InterNet home web page is being donated by the Gately family, Gregory, KA9OYO and Ann KB9FVW, and A-American Inc. It can be accessed at a URL of, http://www.aamerican.com/aclr. Selena, KA9UGH, suggested raising yearly membership dues after we get the repeaters links working, she also wanted to know about any club sponsored summer activities? Terry, KB9JZY, will be setting up a fox (radio) hunt. Val N9JYA... will check out a dinner cruise. Joe, KD9FA, announced that due to Erickson's closing Vince Sawyer, KA9ZDM is unemployed! Raul, KA9DSL and Joe, KD9FA, announced to the general ACLR membership present that this summer would be a WARNING period. If members do not stop playing games with him and Joe, Joe, KD9FA, will take his REPEATER FREQUENCY S away from the ACLR club and go off on there own. ALL THE REPEATER PAIRS are in Joe's, KD9FA's, name! So I guess if we do not behave ourselves, Mom and Dad is going to punish us by taking away the toys that we purchased with our club's membership dues. The way I see it we have three choices: 1) Swallow our pride and kiss the butts of our repeater creators, the great god acting, Joe, KD9FA, and Raul, KA9DSL, wether they are right or wrong. 2) Join another one of the 100+ repeater clubs in the Chicago area. 3) Or get a cellular phone. Great deals at both Ameritech and Cellular One on NO-Contract cell phones right now. The next A.C.L.R. meeting will be: June 20th, at 6:00 P.M. it will be a Dinner meeting held at Sergios Pizza place, 9800 Lawrence Ave. Schiller Park, Il. Meeting adjourn at: 9:06 P.M.

Here are some pictures from the meeting

Look at all the ACLR members and BABY S,
BIG and SMALL at ACLR's MAY'96 meeting.

Don, (KA9RXK) and Tom, (KE9SJ) discuses the finer points of
Scientology during a break at the last meeting .