A.C.L.R.'s general November '96 meeting.

"mini minutes"

Meeting called to order at: 7:55 P.M. Members present including board and a baby: 8. Treasure's Report: $ N/A balance, Treasure did not show up. Technical Report: 2-Meters just getting by. Need to buy a new repeater controller for 2-Meters. Raul CAN NOT FIX the ACC 850 that was hit by lighting in May '96. Joe, KD9FA, suggested that A.C.L.R. set up a NEW REPEATER CONTROLLER FUND to obtain the $650.00 needed from private donations, due to our current depleted treasure balance. We have NO DONATIONS as of this writing. Any one interested in making a donation, make your checks payable to ACLR and send them to P.O. BOX 352, Bellwood, Il. 60104. Please make a note in the memo section of the check that it is for the 2-METER REPEATER CONTROLLER FUND. Old Business: Not discussed due to no Secretary or report present. New Business: Selena, KA9UGH, again suggested DISBANDING THE ACLR CLUB! The club needs to make a GREAT MANY IMPROVEMENTS if it is going to keep existing! There was also a discussion of returning to monthly meetings. Nominations for A.C.L.R. offices where taken from the members present. For President Joe, KD9FA and Selena, KA9UGH; for Vice President Raul, KA9DSL and Terry, KB9JZY; for Secretary Deanna, N9PBS and Brucey, N9IUL; and finally Treasure Chris, KC9ZI and Tim, N9IJA. Check out the electronic poll and sample ballot by clicking here or on A.C.L.R's main web page electronic and '97 sample ballot area. Check here daily to see how the candidates are doing in the first fully automatic electronic voting poll. Tony, N9RWE, was the lucky winner of the 6 month extended A.C.L.R. membership. Stay tuned for more A.C.L.R. give a ways. John, N9LVD donated $20.00 towards the December 21st. Christmas party; the club donated $10.00. The next A.C.L.R. meeting will be: December 21st., at 7:30 P.M. at the Bellwood ESDA center, 2726 St. Charles Rd. Bellwood, Il. This will be the Christmas party & 1997 board elections meeting. If you go to one meeting all year, let it be this one. Don't miss it for any thing. Meeting adjourn at: 8:30 P.M.

Here are some pictures from the meeting

Sorry maybe Val, N9JYA, will give us some baby pictures to display here.