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The Amateur Cross Link Repeater Club
faded into the static.

A.C.L.R.'s is BANKRUPT !
Thanks to Trustee Joey, KD9FA. See 1/10/98 below, for more details.

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Due to some personal problems (EGOS) between the repeater trustees Joe Mikalajunas (KD9FA) and ACLR's depleting general membership, compounded by unfortunate equipment failures, by acts of god (LIGHTING); the ACLR repeater club was forced to terminate its existence in the early part of 1998.

Once one of Chicagoland's brightest stars, our nets lasted for hours on 147.225Mhz+, Sunday nights at 02:00GMT (8pm cdt) and was broadcasted at times, around the world!

PLEASE read on an learn from our mistakes. No one person (trustee) is right 100% of the time. A club is a group of individuals, not set up to cater to a sole individual's needs. In order to succeed, no one member should have the power to take away your repeaters on his whims. You must ALL learn to listen and give and take for the betterment of the organization as a whole, and not for a certain individuals own personal interests or vendettas.

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Thank you for your interest in A.C.L.R.. A.C.L.R. was Chicago's ONLY 2-Meter cross linked repeater. A long, time ago, A.C.L.R.'s 2-Meter repeater had over 10,000 square miles of coverage, WORLD WIDE! The Amateur Cross Link Repeater Association owned several repeaters in the Chicagoland area. They had repeaters on 2-Meters at, 147.225/147.825Mhz. 107.2, 1B pl.; 220Mhz. at, 224.480/222.880Mhz. carrier; 440Mhz. at, 443.700/448.700Mhz. 114.8, 2A pl; 1.20Ghz. at, 1292.10/1272.10Ghz. carrier; 6-Meters at, 52.825/51.825-52.225Mhz. carrier; 10-Meters at, 29.680/29.580Mhz. carrier; and a 40-Meter link. One of the unique features of the system was it could cross link to any of the other repeater systems Imagine being able to talk around the world from your 2mt. Hand Held, YEARS AGO, on A.C.L.R. we did! Any member, was able to activate a link of their choice. Bring up the 10-Meter link and the coverage was WORLD-WIDE! A.C.L.R.'s 2-Meter, 440Mhz., 220Mhz., and 1.20Ghz. repeaters also had auto-patch capability! The 2-Meter, "flagship", repeater also had a digital voice recorder (DVR), that was used as a voice mailbox to leave messages for other members.

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A.C.L.R.'s LAST, 1997 Board:

President - Selena Miranda KA9UGH

Vice President - Terry Garrett KB9JZY

Treasurer - Tim Marden N9IJA

Secretary - Bruce Greinke N9IUL

Club Officers:

TRUSTEE & WEB PAGE MASTERS.. Gregory & Ann Gately K9OY & K9OYN

Appointed Committee Heads:

Technical...................Raul Miranda KA9DSL

Membership; Newsletter..........Bruce Greinke N9IUL (Change of address, dues and membership problems)


What happened in and around A.C.L.R. these past years.

05/20/1993:  A.C.L.R.'s 440 repeater, 443.700 Mhz., 100% OWNED by you, A.C.L.R.'s 
general membership, is purchased with  100% PRIVATE DONATIONS, through the
employee purchase program at Ericksons Electronics Inc. (AES).  This is one of the
many A.C.L.R. repeaters that the club totally owns.  It took this brand new ICOM
440 repeater a year and a half {November 21st, 1994 (ACLR's election time)} to
finally make its debut ON-THE-AIR!!


05/01/96 9:30 A.M.: Ericksons Electronics Inc. , Chicago's 
longest operating "FULL-TIME"; Ham radio, toy store, closes its doors FOREVER!!  
Click here for a brief history and some pictures of Ericksons Electronics today. 

05/09/96 6:24 A.M. - 05/19/96 1:39 P.M.  GOD puts A.C.L.R.'s Repeater's off the AIR. 
05/16/96 - 05/19/96: A few A.C.L.R. members had a DAYTON ADVENTURE. Click here for the details and to see, and hear the sounds of DAYTON '1996. 06/21/96 - 06/23/96: The A.C.L.R.'s LAST annual Camp out, Picnic and Field Day , was at Illini State Park in Marseilles, Il. If you where not there you missed a most excellent time. Check out these pictures and sounds of this very successful event. 1996: Check out A.C.L.R.'s mini minutes and some pictures from our 1996 meetings. Click on the links below: Bellwood ESDA center May'96 meeting.
Sergio's June/July '96 dinner meeting.
Bellwood ESDA center August/September '96 meeting.
Bellwood ESDA center October/November '96 meeting.
1997 02/1997?? A.C.L.R.'s LAST Bowling Banquet
1997: There where NO GENERAL MEETINGS, PICNICS, FIELD DAY ACTIVITIES, NOMINATIONS or ELECTIONS for 1998 BOARD MEMBERS this entire year 05/16 - 18/1997: Some A.C.L.R. "1st. LIFE TIME" members took another, very profitable, fun filled Dayton Adventure. Click here for the details, and to see, and hear the sounds of DAYTON '1997. 08/08/97: Joey, KD9FA, A.C.L.R.'s current self appointed repeater trustee, ORDERS A.C.L.R.'s repeaters to CLOSE (Shut down) and hold them HOSTAGE AGAIN!! One thing about Joey, he's predictable and seems to repeats his same mistakes over and over. Use is to be limited to control operators and their Immediate family members only!! This will make A.C.L.R. the Chicago's ONLY CLOSED REPEATER, on 2-Meters. What's happened to A.C.L.R. our last year. 01/10/98: A.C.L.R.'s is BANKRUPT , bank checking account closed! On November 26th 1997, KD9FA, Joe Mikalajunass ordered A.C.L.R's "LAST" Treasure to make out a check payable to him for, all of the remaining balance left in A.C.L.R.'s bank account; causing it to go into a (-$4.33), negative balance. What did Joey do with all the rest of the, A.C.L.R club's money? Bank overdraft fees where paid out of our past Treasures own pocket. Many attempts where made to contact Mr. Mikalajunas (KD9FA), to get his side of this story, but he NEVER RETURNED OUR PHONE CALLS or RESPONDED!! 02/09/98 12:00 A.M.: A.C.L.R.'s LONGEST RUNNING HOT LINE phone number is DISCONNECTED!! This was A.C.L.R.'s only link to the membership, non membership and general public! What's happening with the old A.C.L.R. repeaters presently. 01/2004: KD9FA - Joe Mikalajunass, is UNSUCCESSFUL in his attempt to DE-COORDINATE, old A.C.L.R's family of repeaters! Nice try Joey. Although the repeater systems will not be listed in the 2004 ARRL repeater directory; THEY WILL RETURN PUBLISHED, in 2005 (too BAD for you Joey-poo - But now we've turned this into a GOOD thing, and cut you Out-of-the Picture. Bye Bye and Gooooood riddance. Have a ? life, with your ? wife VALERIE (N9JYA). What a find she was; oh that's right she was your 1st and ONLY!) 06/07/04: Norman M. Stilphen, Jr (N9KJN), replaces KD9FA as the new TRUSTEE of the now called MARC (Moose Amateur Repeater Club) Repeater Club's, repeaters. Joey-poo's call (KD9FA) is REMOVED and REPLACED with Norm's on every repeater system. So this is where ACLR ENDS and a a new era for our family of repeaters begins.


HELP: if you need any, here is where you get it.

ON-LINE Repeater's Tech Report:
Last Up Date: 10/01/99 12:40 P.M.
2-Meters, (147.225 + ): UP presently running on 3 or so receive sites.
220 Mhz., (224.480 - ): UP running on a Local Antenna out of Brookfield.
440 Mhz., (443.700 + ):UP &* Down
1.20 Ghz, (1292.10- ) : UP
6-Meters, (52.825 - -) : UP
10-Meters, (29.680 -) : DOWN Presently

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